Getting started in Vim-Land

January 11 2017

The (very) slow move to Vim

Vim 101

Over many years I’ve heard of the myth of the genius programmer (MotGP) who commands bits to move at his/her will using only Vim/Emacs(now, now don’t start a flame war) as the weapon of their choice. I used vim for the first time in college. I don’t remember the details but I was basically in an environment that did not support any graphical text editors. The two options I had were Vim and Nano. I decided to give things a shot with Vim but it went pretty terribly, I had no idea about how to use it and eventually skipped over to Nano, which I was familiar with.

Skip forward two years and the situation is slightly different. I can do meagre editing jobs on the terminal using vi. I’m aware of the very least, :i, :q, :wq, :q! and that’s when I was re-introduced to the MotGP and I was genuinely interested. This post will serve as a personal cheat-sheet, I’ll keep updating it as and when I learn more of vim-foo. The approach I’m taking is rather non-radical. I have not given up on Sublime Text, which is my TE of choice. For smaller/non-regular/non-mission-critical tasks such as writing this blog, I’m going to do it in Vim. Shortcuts that I’m gonna learn/add here will be those that I use regularly while editing text in Sublime.


:wq = Write to file and quit Vim

:q = Save file and quit Vim [works only if you haven't edited the file]

:q! = Don't save changes and quit Vim

:help = Find Vim help

i = Insert mode

a = Append text after cursor

A = Append text at the end-of-line [think cmd+right arrow]

$ = Go to end of line [does not bring up insert mode]

gg = Go to beginning of file

G = Go to end of file

b = Go back one word at a time

w = Go forward one word at a time

vim.rc [so far]

set autoindent

set softtabstop=4

set expandtab

set shiftwidth=4

autoindent = copies indent from the previous line

softtabstop = amount of space a key adds

expandtab = Fills space added by a key with spaces and not \t

shiftwidth = number of spaces for indent, useful when using cindent

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